Trash Talkers featured in The Plain Dealer

If you haven’t heard, The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a featured story today in the Saturday “Pop Arts” section of the daily paper!

The article was written by fellow Cleveland drummer and full-time journalist Chuck Yarborough, who also interviewed seniors Ethan Ling and Tony Heffner.

Here’s a taste – read the entire article here.

St. Edward High Trash Talkers: Garbage pail kids spread the joy of percussion

St. Edward High School Trash Talkers

St. Edward High School’s Trash Talkers perform at Lakewood Catholic Academy Monday, January 28, 2013. (Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)

Chuck Yarborough, The Plain Dealer
February 23, 2013

All right, parents: Who among us hasn’t had to struggle to get their sons to spend some quality time with trash cans?

Surprise! Surprise! For at least 32 families that’s not a problem .¤.¤. sort of. Those would be the families of the boys who are members of the St. Edward High School Trash Talkers and make music on all sorts of rubbish containers.

John Goers, whose son Brendan was part of the original group that made its debut in 2003, serves as the adviser, and Dominic Tancredi, a local drum teacher and owner of Woodshed Stage Art, does the teaching and composes many of the pieces the Trash Talkers play. Goers, who is the director of physical plant and grounds at the Lakewood school, and Tancredi, whose company specializes in custom-designed bass drumheads for local and national acts, are St. Ed’s alumni.

Yarborough, along with a videographer and staff photographer from the newspaper, followed the Trash Talkers at a few of our stops during “Trash Talkers on Tour” on January 29. See more about our trip here!